Welcome to my blog!

Welcome everyone!

My name´s Teresa and I am an English teacher at the Servei de Llengües of the UAB. This blog is especially intended for you,  my students, to help you along with your English  but I hope that you will not be alone in reaping its benefits. I would like you and I to work together on making this blog useful and attractive to everybody out there. So feel free to make any comments  or suggestions  and,  please, contribute with your own stuff, be it a song, a video, a piece of writing or something else.  Let’s turn this blog into a collaborative space where you can have your say about what matters to you while  improving your English!

This is my first serious attempt at blogging and I’m sure I’ll be making lots of mistakes –  making things more complicated than they are 🙂 – , but hopefully, with your help, the blog will become a great success!

See you soon!

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