Animal rights

When most countries in Europe are passing emergency laws and measures to help us get out of this recession, the Swiss are debating -‘debating’ as in a public referendum – whether part of the taxpayer’s monies should be destined to providing animals with lawyers. Yep, lawyers.

I am all for animal rights – don’t get me wrong – even if I’m no activist. I don’t approve of bullfighting (currently under heated debate in Spain), animal testing or any kind of cruelty inflicted on animals; but believe me when or if I am born again I would like to come back to this world as a dog – or, on second thoughts, a horse – in Switzerland. I have not gone mad… yet. Please, indulge me and keep reading.

Under the current Swiss legislation fishermen need to get sensitivity training,  that is, they need to learn how to catch fish humanely; dog owners need to ‘qualify’  , e. g.  take a course,   in order to receive a license to own a dog; horses must be kept in close proximity to other horses, and any animal considered social – including goldfish – must be kept with at least one other of its kind. Talk about leading a dog’s life…

However, after months of campaigning in the local press for the creation of a public legal office for animal rights in each of Switzerland’s 26 cantons, voters have rejected the proposal with 70.5 percent of Swiss voting no.

I wonder, are you better off being a dog than an immigrant in Switzerland? I rest my case…


Are you obsessed with ‘Lost’?

Has watching ‘Lost’ become an obsession, brotha? 🙂

Seriously, watch this video of David Letterman’s show to find out about the tell-tale signs according to Hurley.


It’s been a long time, but it feels great…this post is just a little something to get me back on track. It’s especially dedicated to ‘Lost’ fans – I used to be one myself, but one can’t simply keep up with everything…
Anyway, here it is. Have fun!