On Women

Long time no see…

Seeing that today is Women’s International day, here’s some food for thought!



The Digital Story of Nativity

Christmas story told through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Wikipedia, Google Maps, GMail, Foursquare, Amazon…

Times change!

Are you obsessed with ‘Lost’?

Has watching ‘Lost’ become an obsession, brotha? 🙂

Seriously, watch this video of David Letterman’s show to find out about the tell-tale signs according to Hurley.


It’s been a long time, but it feels great…this post is just a little something to get me back on track. It’s especially dedicated to ‘Lost’ fans – I used to be one myself, but one can’t simply keep up with everything…
Anyway, here it is. Have fun!

Is beauty overrated?

A Mercedes-Benz commercial:

Dating… again

I just came across this funny video about a ‘first date’ and how it can go wrong.

Two Brains… or a bit more on men and women

A hilarious look at male and female brains. Don’t miss it!

And if you want to know if your brain is 100% male or female, click on this link and do the test!