Solidarity with Haiti

Solidarity has no boundaries and it definitely does not know about ages: take young Charles Simpson’s amazing story. A seven year old boy from London, he decided to do a sponsored bike ride around a park next to his house in order to obtain money for Haiti. The BBC got hold of the story and the donations just keep pouring in.

Check out the story and look at the webpage.

People and organizations all around the world are raising money to help the people in Haiti. You can contribute in many ways, with ideas, little projects, etc. even a little money can go a long way.

Here is a link to VOLS – voluntariat solidari, a Non Governmental Organization for the cooperation and solidarity with children and young people from underdeveloped countries.


In this very humble organization one of my students, Carlos Arenas,  has set up an amazing fund-raising project. He has been working very hard and so far they have 83.400 euros. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all contributed a little?


The first Song of the Week

I think the time has come for our first song, and, since I am on my own, I get to choose. Here is a link to Kate Perry’s really cool video  ‘Hot & Cold’ … I hope you like it!