A Tough Day at Work

Having a bad day at work? Don’t despair, things could be much worse… Picture this: You are an officer of the law and you work in Emergency Services in a city in ‘small town’ America, where, according to Bill Bryson, people need to be reminded not to wash their pets in the washing machine or dry them in the microwave and even not to iron their shirts while wearing them!

Hard to believe? Follow the link below and check it out!



The first Song of the Week

I think the time has come for our first song, and, since I am on my own, I get to choose. Here is a link to Kate Perry’s really cool video  ‘Hot & Cold’ … I hope you like it!


Summer in English

It’s summertime and with no regular English lessons available 😦 , chances are that your English is getting more and more rusty. What can you do to keep it up outside the class? Apart from chatting up ‘guiris’ on the beach of course!

Watching  TV… yes, that´s right. Sit down on your sofa, preferably with a very cold ‘horchata’, and set about exploring the wonderful world of ‘dual’ broadcast now available in most digital TV channels. Watch this presentation,  find out all about it and get hooked on the latest season of ‘Lost’!