Is beauty overrated?

A Mercedes-Benz commercial:


Dating… again

I just came across this funny video about a ‘first date’ and how it can go wrong.

Stephen Fry and the Christmas Crapper

I couldn’t let it go… the crapper and the shitting log in the UK!!! Don’t miss their ‘Is-this-for-real?’ faces

Merry Christmas

Winter is here, weather and otherwise – see the snow?

Christmas is imminent so the time has come for shopping, office parties, family get-togethers,  overindulgence in general and wishes of peace and happiness everywhere …

As for myself, I’m going to spend Christmas the Catalan way, that is, with my personal ‘crapper’ – not shopper -, mind you,  or ‘caganer‘, hitting the ‘Caga Tió’ – or shitting/pooping log – yeah, we are a weird lot – and having my fair share of ‘torrons‘, ‘Escudella  i carn d´Olla’ , etc.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Minaret Ban in Switzerland

Switzerland, a country famous for its tolerance and passivity – ask Roman Polanski 🙂 -, and with quite a high percentage of Muslim population (400,000), has made a radical move to ban minarets from mosques. The referendum that took place yesterday shows that 53% of Swiss voters are in favour of the ban.

Many of the reasons behind yesterday’s vote -growing opposition to migration, the rise of the far right, fear of Islam – apply to other European countries as well. But despite the outrage and criticism widespread in Europe as a result of the referendum, can we be really sure that we would have voted differently given the chance?

The Life and Death of a Pumpkin… A Halloween Horror Story

You, insensitive human, did you ever think about what Halloween was like for a pumpkin? An idyllic life in the patch suddenly cut off by cruel hands with a knife at the ready…

Don’t miss the the harrowing story of one of Halloween’s main protagonist: The Pumpkin


31st of October, ‘All Saints’ Eve’ or, if you’d prefer, ‘Halloween’, the night when the spirits of the dead walk the Earth. Both traditions have common roots dating as far back as the ancient Celts’  Samhain  (pronounced sow-an or sow-in) festival, which marked the end of the harvest season and the old year, amongst other things.

In Catalonia, on ‘All Saints’ Eve’ we celebrate the traditional ‘Castanyada’, which receives its name from the ‘castanyes‘ (chestnuts) that are typical of that night. People also eat sweet potatoes and ‘panellets, sweet cakes made of almond, pine nuts and sweet potatoes. The following day, ‘All Saints’  (‘All Souls’ Day) is spent visiting the graves of deceased relatives, where prayers and flowers are offered, candles are lit and the graves themselves are cleaned, repaired and repainted.

Today’s Halloween celebration is a little different from what it used to be. It involves carved pumpkins (the so-called Jack O’Lantern) trick-or-treating, wearing costumes and attending costume parties, ghost tours, bonfires, visiting haunted attractions, pranks, telling scary stories, and watching horror films. The drawback… November the 1st is not a holiday in the US…

See the following National Geographic short video for some more interesting facts about the origins of Halloween: